The home page of Milo Ketchum, Retired Structural Engineer and
College Professor.

Filled with information on Concrete Shell Structures and BASIC Programs

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Mark Ketchum's site with lots of information on shells

First gallery of shell photographs
Second gallery of shell photographs
Third gallery of shell photographs
Fourth gallery of shell photographs

Shell Problems and Commentary

Some basic concepts of shell structures
A brief tutorial for the uninitiated
A short list of types and forms of shell structures.
What happened to concrete shells?
Construction of Concrete Shells
Programs for shell analysis
Cost of shells
Preliminary design of shells
Readers Questions and Comments
Possibilities for shell structures
A significant failure

External Links to Shell Structures
There very few sites that give any information or pictures.
These are for domes. Let me know if you find any.

Monolithic Dome Institute
Dome Systems Inc.


Short and useful programs written in Basic/Qbasic.

Design programs
Examples of design programs
Stuctural analysis programs
Examples of analysis programs

Family Connections