Multiple Domes


In this example the dome is rectangular and is continuous with the adjacent domes. The edges of the dome are supported by tied arches or bowstring trusses. If windows are needed in these arches, the mullions may be made to serve as vertical hangers for the bottom chords of the arch.

This shell can be classed as a dome of revolution since the shell is part of a sphere (which is a surface of revolution). However, this surface may also be a translation surface formed by a circle or other curve moving along a line. For a low rise, the translation surface is very little different from a sphere but is much easier to form because all the parallel elements have the same curvature.

In constructing this shell, each one of the dome elements is an independent structural unit so the forms may be moved without shoring all or part of the dome already cast. The shell thickness of this type of dome does not need to be greater than a circular dome except at the triangular corners. Membrane action ceases to exist and the corner should be designed as a slab.