Halph Sphere - Vertical Walls


A half sphere for a dome of revolution does not require a thrust ring at the base so it can be placed on vertical walls and made continuous with the walls. This design is used for tanks because the roof becomes a part of the tank. The vertical portion of the sphere is not difficult to construct if pneumatically applied shotcrete or a similar process is used.

The structure shown above with arched openings an a plastic dome on the crown has a rather oriental feeling. Some inspired architect will probably use it in the future by means of openings or windows, or in some fresh and unusual way.

One of the most serious problems in the architecture of domes is acoustics. The reflections of sound tend to come to a focus a single points. In a domed ceiling, the sound may reverberate as many as twenty times unless there is acoustical treatment or unless there is equipment or broken surfaces to break up the sound. This problem should always be taken into account in the design of domed structures.