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Some motorcycle related stuff:

Motorcycle Dynamics
Motorcycle dynamics- Dinamica del motociclo
Home Page of the Motorcycle Dynamics Group
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica - UniversitÓ degli Studi di Padova
An on-line resource at
With technical papers and discussions of engineering analysis of motorcycle dynamics.

In a similar genre:
Steering in bicycles and motorcycles (263 KB pdf) (Acrobat Reader required)
by U.C. Berkeley Physics Professor Joel Fajans
"Steering a motorcycle or bicycle is counterintuitive; to turn right, you must steer left initially, and vice versa. You can execute this initially counter-directed turn by turning the handlebars explicitly (called counter-steering) or by throwing your hips to the side. Contrary to common belief, gyroscopic forces play only a limited role in balancing and steering."
For the technically minded, Prof. Fajans provides Mathcad Routines so you can perform your own numerical experiments. (Mathcad Explorer required)

Lane Splitting: A Guide to the Game
A thought provoking article on Bay Area lanesplitting
Reproduced (without permission) from City Bike magazine, April 1997.

More resources on Lane Splitting from George Vanecek, Richard Grazia, Billy Bartels, Brian France (Tokyo), and John Joss.

Too Hot!
Too Hot! by Reg Pridmore
How to handle a close call . . .
Reproduced (without permission) from Motorcyclist magazine, September 1994.

Basic Road-Rod Tuning
Basic Road-Rod Tuning by Jim (Dr.Curve) Roche
One man's opinion on how to improve performance on 1970 to 1984 BMW twins. "The first stages to take toward a fast reliable, BMW Twin."

Tony Foale
Tony Foale Designs
Photos, Articles, Software, and a Book on Motorcycle Chassis Design.

Guide to suspension set-up
Guidelines and ground rules for the chassis setup of your machine.

BMW Motorcycle Engine Illustrations
BMW Motorcycle Engine Illustrations
Line Drawings, etc. of BMW motorcycle engines . . .
Found on the Web - can't remember where. Some of them apparently came from The Dragon Cave. If you know (or think you know) the source(s), please let me know in my Guestbook or by email.

CG, CM, and
moments of inertia
A 1997 e-mail conversation on the bmwmc mailing list
Read it here - seriously!

The IBMWR R1100
Maintenance Manual
View it online or Download it as a
MS Word 7 file (R1100.doc)
Adobe Acrobat file (R1100.pdf)
Rich Text file (R1100.rtf)
Plain text file (R1100.txt)

The Interactive Motorcycle
Motor Cycle News
Roadracing World

Some snapshots of my motorcycles:
I sold the R75 on December 13, 1997 after enjoying it for about 20 years.
The R100 and R1100 are still in my care.
Click on the thumbnail photos for larger, higher-resolution versions.

R100S profile
My KnoScher-engine 1978 R100S in March 2000
Pictures of Profile, Engine, Cockpit, and Front Wheel.
Read a Summary of Features.
Mark + 2-tone R11
Ready to Roll August 1999
Mark and two-tone 1995 R1100RS
49er 1980
R75 and me ~1980
At the 49er Rally, Mariposa, CA, circa 1980
My fleet in 1996
A 1976 R75, a 1978 R100, and a 1995 R11
3 Bikes
Another view
From the back
3 Bikes + 2 kids
With Daniel & Calvin, Posing
I can't leave them out, can I?
1978 R100
The 1978 R100
The engine was blueprinted by Fritz Scherb in Munich before it was imported. The original Scherb (KnoScher) fairing was removed by a previous owner. This bike has been in my care since 1984.
Note the 40mm Dell'Orto carburetors, external oil condenser, "racing stripes" on the rocker boxes, and rear-set foot pegs. Most of what makes this machine special, however, is inside the engine. It is very strong and smooth.

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