These programs are written in GWBASIC, but will also run in QBASIC. The input to these programs by the DATA and the READ functions. Data is placed at the end of the programs.


This two dimensional analysis program is intended for only small problems, because it is not automated as a large commercial program would be. Loads are limited to joint loads and uniform loads on a member. Another version had patch and concentrated loads, but the input was deemed too awkward to make it feasible for publication. The important thing is that it allows you to make a nonlinear analysis of a structure. This does it in the simplest way; the coordinates of the structure are revised after every iteration. I wrote the program using a matrix solution requiring only one pass and it appeared to give the same results but later it had unexplained bugs, so I revertd to this method. For small problems the iteration method is very fast because of the speed of modern computers.

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We do not often have grid structures to solve but this program is useful in other ways, especially as a method of solving slab problems. The example I have shown to illustrate this program is the solution of a timber lamella grid, a method of framing a space with members that are shorter than the span.

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